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Hello everyone!
Larry Alford The "One-Armed Bandit" here!

I now offer outstanding golf training through my new Golf Academy at Gleannloch Pines Golf Club. Private lessons are also available! Please explore my new website to learn more. Enjoy the day!

Gleannloch Pines in the morning The Bandit



Larry Alford The One-Armed Bandit Golf Academy

The Larry Alford
Golf Academy

I am pleased to announce the new Larry Alford The "One-Armed Bandit" Golf Academy, now being held exclusively at Gleannloch Pines Golf Club! Summer sessions for golf clinics are now available!

Larry Alford The One-Armed Bandit Golf Academy
The Golf Academy

Who is it for?

Larry the "One-Armed Bandit" Golf Academy is now conducting summer golf clinics for kids! Clinics are 1 week long with morning or afternoon sessions.


What will we do?

We will practice hitting the FLAG stick. Faith, Life, Attitude and Golf - FLAG! We will hit balls, play games, laugh and leave better than you came!

Affordable and Fun

How much will it cost?

Everyone participating will enjoy a week of learning, inspiration, and fun from The "One-Armed Bandit" himself! Call (713) 306-9581 for pricing.

To register for the Golf Academy, call (713) 306-9581

Private Lessons with The Bandit
Superior Coaching + Inspiration

Private lessons with Larry Alford The "One-Armed Bandit" are now available! Call (713) 306-9581 today for special pricing!

Mental Game

Attitude, Mental Toughness, Etiquette


Importance of the FLAG,
Target Golf, Ball Flight


Balance, Alignment, Making Solid Contact, Understanding Full Swing

The 3 P's

Practice, Patience, and Persistence
The Grind, Drills

Around the Hole

Short Game, Sand Bunker Play, Putting

On Course Management

Managing Your Game, Equipment, Rules and more...

To schedule a private lesson, call (713) 306-9581



VIDEO: Larry Alford's Story

Larry The "One-Armed Bandit"

Faith. Life. Attitude. Golf.

Since childhood, Larry always knew golf would play a major role in his future. He worked hard to perfect his game, but tragically in August of 1991 an automobile accident occurred that nearly cost him his life.
To hear Larry's story, watch the video above.

Rounds of Golf
Tournaments Won
People Inspired

Quotes from the Bandit

My lowest round with my golf prosthesis is 68.
To date, I have 25 hole-in-ones.
I have participated in over 2,500 corporate, charity, and speaking events.
I have helped raise over $100 million for charities across the country.
Adversity is simply opportunity to the future. (1998)
I've played golf with George Bush, Sr.
I've been the reason kids have chosen not to drink and drive.
To date, I have 25 hole-in-ones.
I receive emails and letters daily on influencing lives for the better.
I am happily married to my best friend.
I believe attitude is everything.
I think Jesus is the best caddie.
I love my mom.
I think walking and reading distance to the flag is better mentally than a new age yard finder.
If you can score with a Top-Flight, you can play any golf ball.
Practice. Patience. Persistence.
Confidence is the key to winning.
Life and golf are impossible to perfect, so just chill and enjoy the round.
I started the One-Armed Bandit on September 5, 1998.
I prefer to play in the wind.
You have to know that you know that you know you are the best.

The One-Armed Bandit Gallery

Getting Ready

Slipping on the prosthetic arm.

Securing the Prosthetic

Uniquely designed for swinging.

Larry Alford

Golf coach at Gleannloch Pines.

Lost Ball

I always lose my balls!

Roughing It

With confidence...

Fairways and Greens

Stay out of the rough!

Finding the Fairway

Consistency first, then power...

Knock down the FLAG

Confidence to hit it close...

Short Game

Master the irons with Larry!

Chipping In

Great chipping lowers scores.

Practice. Patience. Persistence.

Private lessons now available!

Bunker Strategy

Don't hit the ball!

What Others Are Saying

After just TWO lessons with The Bandit, my short game improved dramatically and I shot my best score ever!

Ron Jackson Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Larry, thank you so much for today! I see my self improving. You gave me a new light on how to be so grateful not just on my golf game, but in life...Thanks for being a great coach!

Alyssa Drake

Ya gots to work with what you gots to work with - and if you ain't gots much, then gets the Bandit!

Stevie Wonder Musician
Customer Testimonails

Larry taught me how to grip it and rip it and now I can hit the ball 575 yards further than before!

Long John Silver